Hi, I’m Fiona Tristram and welcome to the Self-Raising Kitchen. This blog started as a cooking blog, but over the last few years some changes have taken place in my life. First, there was the purchase of a house, the ownership of two puppies, a wedding and a change in job. This was followed by a separation, the selling of said house, the separation of puppies, the loss of a job and the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

What the hell happened? (You can read more about this upheaval here)

For this reason the Self-Raising Kitchen has moved into a little more about self-raising self now days.

I write and cook from Brisbane, Australia and hope with a bit of cathartic chopping, some joyful stirring and a whole lot of sumptuous eating we can share a journey together about a life less than perfect, and a world trying to find a little sprinkle of sugar in the simple things of life.


You can also join me at facebook.com/TSRKitchen and @SRKitchen.