13 February 2011

Bigger IS better

Yes my friends, the old adage is true, bigger is better...when it comes to fridges.

What did you think I meant?

When my Beloved and I decided to make the leap to move in together, we tried to make do with each others meagre positions. That included using, for the last two VERY long years, my Beloved's 'bachelor' fridge.

My Beloved's bachelor fridge
As you can see, it is a little larger than a bar fridge, and, as you can imagine, this has made entertaining just a little more challenging for me. However, in support of my great efforts to fit all manor of food items for many varying number of guests into this pint size fridge, I have now received an adjunct professorship to the culinary school of 'how to fit a cow into a crisper'. Bravo me!

But from today, no longer do I have to sit on the floor while I rearrange the fridge for the fourth time that day so I can fit in the marinating chicken - which apparently prefers to remain cold for some silly reason called Salmonella - or to fit in the bubbles - which is essential for any dinner party, would you not agree? - or even just to fit my fruit in the fridge - which for some reason isn't appreciating our thirty degree days with eighty per cent humidity.

So today was an extraordinarily exciting day as I got (okay, we got) delivered a BIG fridge.

Our new 519 litre Fisher & Paykel fridge
I love it!

I can even put my Beloved in it.

Our new fridge is big enough for my
Beloved to cool down in


  1. Can i come out of the fridge now....?

  2. Sorry, babe, forgot you were in there. Thought it was quiet.

  3. I give you approximately three months before this one isn't big enough either and you are mentally rearranging your laundry and/or garage to fit in a second fridge or chest freezer...
    It simply doesn't matter how much fridge space you have... you always want MORE!

  4. I hear you, Cara. We have this problem solved, however. The pint size fridge is remaining in the garage for just such a occasion ;-)

  5. You guys won't know yourself! We are about to do the opposite. We can't take our fridge to Mum and Dad's place because it is too big so we will have to put up with a smaller fridge until we move into our new house.