27 May 2012

Is the dinner party dead?

I love a dinner party! I love a dinner party so much that when reporter for Sydney Morning Herald, Stephanie Wood, sent out a tweet recently asking if the dinner party was dead, I very quickly replied back with a NO WAY! And I wasn't the only one to tell Stephanie the dinner party was alive and well.

You can read Stephanie's article, and what I said in response to her question, in Daily Life here.

So what do you think of the dinner party?


  1. It's fascinating that this question is being asked in various forums at the moment. Last weekend, three of my friends were hosting dinner parties with varying degrees of effort and sophistication, from a simple get-together of family and friends to mark an overseas move, to a themed dinner-party-for-the-hubby's-boss that was a production on a scale straight out of Mad Men. I'm pretty sure I know which dinner party was most enjoyable, at least for the hostess! But there's something very satisfying about preparing home and food to welcome and nurture people you care about. So please keep the dinner party blogs coming!

  2. I admit I love a dinner party but find hosting a tad stressful. Loved your post on the Clansman I came to it via Brisbane past and present blog. I agree the menu prices are amazing. What fun memories! cheers Katherine

  3. Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, but for me it's a good stressful (if there's such a thing).

    Thanks for stopping by, Katherine. Anita from Fun & VJs put me on to that post from Brisbane past and present blog. I was very excited.

  4. VIVA LA DINNER PARTY!!!! We're better at hosting casual BBQs and potlucks than formal dinner parties because I'm always worried my cooking skills aren't up to scratch (which is silly really, I'm not the world's best cook but I can knock something together). I LOVE going to them though, one of my favourite things to do socially.