22 December 2010

Gift boxes and cellophane bags

I have spent the last few days frantically trying to find cellophane bags to put biscuits in for my family Christmas hampers. Of course, many people would organise this earlier...but not me. And who would have thought they were so difficult to find?

I searched online, went to Spotlight (which is always a daunting experience for me), checked out those cheap shops, grocery stores and asked everyone I knew. Then yesterday, a friend steered me towards Reward Distribution, located in East Brisbane, and across many locations in Australia. I thought I'd died and gone to cooking heaven. This place is a cook's paradise with every possible cooking tool, utensil, machine, glassware, bakeware, china - need I go on - item you could imagine.

But did they have cellophane bags...that would be a no!

However, the lovely lady at the counter told me about an outlet store they have in the Valley. So today, after a friend of mine tried to give me a minor coronary by going for a run, I went to the outlet store, and low and behold, they had cellophane bags...EUREKA!

Finally, my cellophane bags
AND boxes for cupcakes.
My Christmas baking now begins.


  1. Riot art & craft at Carindale usually have them too :)

  2. Oh please show me what you're baking for Chrissy! I only made one thing this year, a swedish toffee called knack, it's scrumptious!

  3. Thanks, Bree. I needed you yesterday ;-)

    Kitty, Swedish toffee sounds amazing. Would you like to share your recipe?

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about what is going in the cellophane bags. I've been cooking up a storm today.

  4. Looking forward to another taste test!!!!

  5. Oooh, that place looks fantastic. Packaging Direct at Stafford is my go-to place for catering supplies (bulk piping bags, cupcakes boxes, patty pans).

  6. I think I might have to take a visit to that place too, Cara. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Nice gift boxes. Thanks for sharing the information.