15 December 2010

Menu help needed!

What a fabulous response to my first blog post. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. I'm already having a ball doing this.

However, if we are to have a long and happy relationship - which I know we will - it must start with honesty. So, I have a confession to make.

We both know the purpose of this blog is to talk about exploring new foods and having fun getting in the kitchen to make our own yummy delicacies for our loved ones. Well, yesterday, I had a wonderful morning tea on the sensational deck of blogging guru Brismod of Fun and VJs, joined by the delightful little Ana of Travelling with Ana and her mum (of course). Logic said, as a newby food blogger, lover of cooking and lover of food that I would bring (i.e. make) morning tea...well...I bought it.

Oh dear! I hope we can stay together?!?!

The 'bought' cup cakes from Fig Tree Deli

Ok, if you are still reading, I'm in, so I need your help.

On Friday I am having my family over for dinner to celebrate my mother's birthday. What will I cook?

When I asked my five year old niece what she thought I should cook for Oma (my mum's German), she shouted (literally), 'Duck, Aunty Fi'. Ha, now there's a girl with an excellent palate, and an impressive memory as I cooked duck for a visit from my brother about a month ago.

I'm opening it up to you, dear supporter, what fabulous ideas do you have for my mum's birthday dinner?


  1. Duck is delicious. I've never cooked it as it seems to complex, so I would feel very special if someone made that for me as I'd think you'd gone to a lot of effort. What duck style would you do... Asian? French? Would you go down the pork knuckle route? Or too boring for her. Not me?! Green curry? :) Sonia

  2. PS - those cupcakes looked delicious, and sometimes (often) time constraints mean store bought. Forgiven!

  3. Hi, Sonia. Thanks for visiting again, and for the forgiveness ;-)
    The duck I cooked last time had a wonderful pomegranate molasses sauce (and it cooked in that too).
    They aren't as hard as you think to cook, however, you don't get much meat so if you have about six people you would need two.

  4. Duck is a fabulous idea! At this time of year, what could be better than a cool, healthy Asian spread? Perhaps some roll-your-own rice paper rolls with shredded duck, sprouts, carrot and cucumber to start, followed by your pomegranate duck with a lovely green salad, and finish with your magnificent marsala rice pudding with some shredded toasted coconut?

  5. You're allowed to buy cupcakes... now if I bought them, there'd be trouble!

    I looove duck! How about a l'orange? Or you could go down the extravagant and somewhat disgusting path of the turducken...

  6. A l'orange is my all time favourite way to consume duck. But you could do an Asian inspired duck salad for an entree...

  7. I was going to suggest something lighter - given the weather and how much we will all eat in the weeks to come. I love a good duck breast, although my fave is definately duck confit - which my husband does an almost unbeatable rendition of.

  8. Seeing I am at that dinner. I love alllllll the suggestions. Especially Karyn's suggestion of Marsala rice pudding!!!! :)
    Louise xxxxx

  9. I completely forgot about that marsala pudding, KB. Excellent memory.

    Two ducks have now been purchased. So I guess, duck is on the menu. Thanks for everyone's help. Check back again to get the recipe and see how the duck goes down Friday night.