10 January 2011

New, but old, cookbooks

It's like Christmas has been extended for me.

A dear friend of mine, KB, has just moved house. You know what it is like when you move!?! You start packing up your belongings with great care and even a little nostalgia at some of the memories you find in cupboards and drawers. Precious trinkets are wrapped with care and gently placed in labelled boxes ready for their next abode. Then after several hours, or days, the care of how you are packing dissipates along with those warm felt memories and are replaced by the screaming thoughts of, 'why the hell have I kept all this [add suitable noun here]', pounding in your head.

I digress. So KB has moved to the other side of Brisbane and wanted to clean out her kitchen cupboards. After a number of texts asking what I might need in my kitchen, she turned up with two boxes FULL of books and kitchenware items. I was in heaven. I do have a penchant for collecting books of all types. I aim to have my own library in my house one day - when I own a house - and these new cookbooks will offer a wonderful addition to it.

My new, but old, cookbook collection
(Photo by Mel)
There were some real little treasures in the collection. For those not familiar with Margaret Fulton, she's considered the matriarch of Australian cooking. Her book (you can see in the photo), My Very Special Cookbook was published in 1980, this one is a 1991 reprint and I love it. She goes into such great detail about ingredients and how to use varying techniques to get the most out of them. I can't wait to cook from this.

Another special edition to my cookbook collection
(Photo by Mel)
Another book I would like to highlight could easily double as a coffee table book, with stunning photos of Australia scattered throughout its pages of scrumptious recipes. It certainly screams 'eighties' but will add a wonderful addition to my growing collection.

Soup terrine (photo by Mel)
I also managed to score some more ramekins and a wonderful soup terrine with a matching set of six bowls. Now all I need to do is find room for all these treasures in my own kitchen.

Thank you, KB!!


  1. Oh dear. I did warn you I'd be filling your house with my junk!

  2. I would be like a child in a toy shop !